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Consultation coloproctologist, surgery

The proctologist is an expert not only in hemorrhoids and anal fissure but also in intestine inflammatory diseases (Сrohn’s disease, non-specific ulcerative colitis, diverticulitis), paraproctitis, rectal fistula, cosmetic defects of the perianal area and stool disorders.
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Diseases and conditions
  • Anal fissure excision
  • Paraproctitis
  • Сolitis
  • Fecal incontinence
Operations and manipulations
  • Hemorrhoidectomy
  • Foreign bodies removal from the rectum
  • Rubber Band Ligation for Hemorrhoids

SURGEON consultation6500
SURGEON follow-up consultation4500
Anal papillae excision8000
Excision of thrombosed hemorrhoid9000
Rubber band ligation of thrombosed hemorrhoids(1 hemorrhoid)8500
Fixing large bandaging12000
Fixing small bandaging8000
Foreign bodies removal from the rectum8000
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Surgery for acute paraproctitis abscess130000
Surgery for purulent coccygeal cyst90000
Hemorrhoidectomy (Thunderbeat)65000
Hemorrhoidectomy / thrombectomy for acute hemorrhoids55000
Desarterization of hemorrhoidal arteries65000
Anal fissure excision75000
Anal fissure excision + sphincterotomy95000
Anal condylomas excision (up to semicircle)180000
Excision of abscess with suppuration coccygeal cyst with suturing40000
Anal singles condylomas/fimbrias excision75000
Excision of the pilonidal cyst with wound suturing110000
Rectum fistula excision170000
Surgery for rectocele145000
Implanted venous access port removal (local anesthesia)35000
Implanted venous access port removal (during other main surgery)15000
Venous access port placement (local anesthesia)60000
Venous access port placement (during other main operation)35000
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Restoration colon passage245000
Laparoscopic colon resection470000
Laparoscopic colostomy215000
Left-sided hemicolectomy with anastomosis345000
Left-sided hemicolectomy with clostomy310000
Urgent colon surgery (obstruction, bleeding)470000
Right-sided hemicolectomy with anastomosis420000
Right-sided hemicolectomy with ileostomy380000
Sigmoidectomy with anastomosis320000
Sigmoidectomy with colostomy280000
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