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Manipulations and procedures
Taking a smear, scraping500
Removal of papilloma, condyloma (laser, electrosurgical, for 1 unit)500
Training in a set of Kegel exercises (20 min)3000
Endocervical curettage3000
Fetal monitoring3000
Simple IUD removal3000
Pipelle endometrial biopsy5000
Cervical biopsy with cervical curretage6000
Synechia excision6000
IUD installation8000
Removal of foreign bodies8000
Radiowave cervical biopsy10000
Paraurethral cyst excision10000
Postcoitial cystitis treatment12000
Hydrogel injection for stress urinary incontinence15000
Hymen restoration20000
Suburethral administration of hydrogel for postcoital cystitis (included: anesthesia, procedure, hyaluronic acid preparation, consumables)28000
Paraurethral administration of hydrogel for stress urinary incontinence (included: anesthesia, procedure, hyaluronic acid preparation, consumables)32000
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Aesthetic gynecology
Intimate filling correction of zone 1 type (up to 1.0 ml of hyaluronic acid hydrogel)5000
Increase of the mantle of the clitoris with hydrogel of hyaluronic acid5000
Augmentation of G spot with hydrogel of hyaluronic acid7000
Intimate filling zone correction type 2 (up to 2.0 ml of hyaluronic acid hydrogel)7000
Correction of vaginal vestibule volume with hyaluronic acid hydrogel7000
Labioplasty of labia minora7000
Intimate filling zone correction type 3 (up to 4.0 ml of hyaluronic acid hydrogel)10000
Labioplasty of labia majora10000
Complex: biorevitalization of intimate areas (included: anesthesia, procedure, hyaluronic acid preparation, consumables)15000
Labioplasty of the labia minora with hyaluronic acid hydrogel (included: anesthesia, procedure, hyaluronic acid preparation, consumables)23000
Complex: G spot augmentation (included: anesthesia, procedure, hyaluronic acid preparation, consumables)23000
Complex: correction of the volume of the vestibule of the vagina with hyaluronic acid hydrogel (included: anesthesia, procedure, hyaluronic acid preparation, consumables)23000
Labioplasty of the labia majora with hyaluronic acid hydrogel (included: anesthesia, procedure, hyaluronic acid preparation, consumables)26000
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Botulinus toxin 1 unit150
Infiltration anesthesia500
Botulinus toxin 5 units750
Application anesthesia1000
Cannula technique1450
Botulinus toxin 10 units1500
Longidaza introduction2500
Botulinus toxin 20 units3000
IAL system 0,67000
Botulinus toxin 50 units7500
IAL system 1,111000
Collagenotherapy with Collost gel (7%, 0.5 ml)12500
AquaShine HA BR13500
IAL ACP14000
Juvederm smile14500
Juvederm hydrate 1 ml15000
Injectable correction of vascular disorders15600
Injectable skin rejuvenescence16000
Belotero soft 1.017000
Surgiderm 24XP17000
Meso-Xanthin, Meso-Wharton17400
Belotero balance18700
Juvederm 319000
Surgiderm 30XP19000
Juvederm 420000
Juvederm voluma, volift21500
Radiesse 1,5 ml24600
Hyperhidrosis correction 300 units31500
Hyperhidrosis correction 500 units42000
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Lazer procedures
FLT - scars 1 cm22500
FLT - 'crows feet' area5000
FLT - lower eyelids7000
FLT - perioral area8000
FLT - wrists9000
FLT — area of 10x10 cm squared9000
Fractional laser thermolysis - upper and lower eyelids11000
FLT - low neck12000
FLT - neck12000
FLT - cheeks12000
FLT - neck, low neck17000
FLT - face without eyelids18000
FLT - face, eyelids22000
FLT - face, neck28000
FLT - face, neck, low neck36000
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Non-injection procedures
Lactolan procedure2500
Milk peeling4500
Aptos Exelеnce Visage Soft 150 mm (1 piece)5000
Trichloracetic acid peeling — face5800
Trichloracetic acid peeling — face, neck6500
Trichloracetic acid peeling — face, neck, low neck8500
Thread lifting with elastic threads25000
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Skin formation removal
Small skin formation removal700
Middle sized skin formation removal1500
Big skin formation removal2000
Perfusion (1 hour) under oncologist observation10000
Venous Port System implatation20000
Venous Port System implatation (including the cost of the port)31000
Photodynamic therapy - 1 session (1st category of complexity)65000
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Tuning fork examination of the hearing aid1500
ENT organs pad, drug application2500
Endoscopic ENT-organ examination2500
Simple removal from the ENT-organ: small foreign bodies, drainage, aerator, earwax plugs3000
Impedance measurement3000
ENT organ sanization, lavage3500
Pure-tone audiometry4000
ENT organ tamponade4500
ENT organ biopsy4700
Outpatient ENT 1st category manipulation (diathermy, cauterization, simple polyp removal, catheterization of the auditory tube, etc.)5500
Complex removal from the ENT-organ: foreign bodies larger than 1 cm6000
Endoscopic ENT-organ examination with additional manipulation (biopsy,cauterization, puncture,excision)6500
Excision, draining, puncture, evacuation of hematoma, furuncle, abscess, ENT organ's cyst (simple)8000
Outpatient ENT 2nd category manipulation (frenulotomy, tracheostomic tube replacement, nose bones reposition, complex polyp removal, etc.)9500
Excision, draining, puncture, evacuation of hematoma, furuncle, abscess, ENT organ's cyst (complex)14000
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Perfusion (1 hour) under general practitioner observation5000
BP monitoring (24 hours)6300
ECG monitoring (24 hours)6300
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Ultrasound control of residual urine volume1000
Ultrasound of the pleural cavity1500
Ultrasound of lymphatic node2000
Ultrasound of soft tissues2000
Ultrasound of the kidneys3000
Ultrasound of the bladder, prostate3000
Ultrasound of the scrotal organs3000
Transrectal ultrasonography of the prostate3000
Ultrasound guided punction (1 formation)3000
Ultrasound of one organ3000
Ultrasound of one joint3000
Ultrasound of the sinuses3000
Ultrasound of groin area (hernia check)3000
Duplex scanning of veins 1 of the lower extremity3000
Ultrasound of thyroid3500
Ultrasound of the thymus (thymus gland)3500
Duplex scanning of the veins of the upper extremities3900
Ultrasound of soft tissues with elastography4000
Ultrasound gynecological4000
Ultrasound of hip joints4000
Ultrasound at 1st trimester of pregnancy4500
Duplex scanning of neck arteries5000
Duplex scanning of renal arteries5000
Duplex scanning of vessels of the penis5000
Ultrasound at 2d trimester of pregnancy5500
Ultrasound of mammary glands6000
Complex Ultrasound of abdomen, kidneys and retroperitoneal space6500
Ultrasound at 3d trimester of pregnancy6500
Abdominal Ultrasound with functional test6500
Duplex scanning of upper limb arterie8000
Duplex scanning of the abdominal aorta8000
Duplex scanning of lower limb arteries8000
Duplex scanning of lower limb arteries and veins9000
Complex duplex scanning of blood vessels (neck, upper and lower extremities, abdominal aorta)15000
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Taking a smear, scraping500
Urological smear800
Urethral instillation1200
Bladder catheterization (women)1500
Prostate massage1500
Intracavernosous injection2300
Bladder catheterization (men)2500
Bladder instillation5000
Penis synechia excision5500
Cystostomy replacement (without cost of medical supplies)5500
Foreign bodies removal in the anterior urethra8000
Nephrostomy replacement (without cost of medical supplies)8500
Paraphymosis treatment12000
Foreign bodies removal in the posterior urethra12000
Introduction of hydrogel into the penis (for 1 ml)24800
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Ultrasound control + repeated sclerotherapy (G. GACHET MD)15000
Aesthetic microsclerotherapy (G. GACHET MD)15000
Sclerotherapy under ultrasound control, the 1st category (G. GACHET MD)24000
Sclerotherapy under ultrasound control, the 2d category (G. GACHET MD)32000
Stich removing1500
Uncomplicated wound dressing3500
Primary surgical treatment of 1-2 degree burns (< 1%)3500
Subungual hematoma evacuation6500
Fixing small bandaging8000
Removal of small foreign bodies from soft tissues8500
Primary surgical treatment of wound8500
Primary surgical treatment of 1-2 degree burns (>1%)8500
Skin pigmentation removal (8500
Single lipoma, atheroma, fibroma removal (< 2 cm)8500
Lance of single hematoma or small abscesses 8500
Nail plate removal8500
Benign formation removal from face, neck, scalp area >1 cm11000
Small joint's dislocation correction11000
Surgery on ingrowing toenail: partial excision of nail plate with epiphysial plate11500
Fixing large bandaging12000
Benign formation removal from face, neck, scalp area 1-2 cm14000
Abdominal paracentesis14000
Primary surgical treatment of wound >5 cm16000
Primary surgical treatment of face and wrist wound16000
Primary surgical treatment of 3-4 degree burns16000
Single lipoma, atheroma, fibroma removal (>2 cm)16000
Lance of a single hematoma or abscesses >2 cm (abscess, superficial phlegmon, infected atheroma, etc.) of various locations16000
Skin pigmentation removal (>0,5 cm)16000
Benign formation removal from face, neck, scalp area >2 cm17000
Major joint's dislocation correction17000
Benign formation removal from face, neck, scalp area 23000
Benign formation removal from face, neck, scalp area 1-2 cm29000
Skin pigmentation removal (>1cm)30000
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Anoscopy (examination with a rectal speculum)800
Constipation treatment5000
Anal papillae excision8000
Foreign bodies removal from the rectum8000
Rubber band ligation of thrombosed hemorrhoids(1 hemorrhoid)8500
Excision of thrombosed hemorrhoid9000
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Rapid test for Helicobacter Pylori1200
Simple biopsy (3 pieces)4000
Complex biopsy (>3 pieces)7000
Polypectomy (polyp 0,6 - 1 cm)10000
Fibrogastroduodenoscopy (sedation included)14000
Colonoscopy (sedation included)16000
Polypectomy (polyp 1 - 2 cm)20000
Fibrogastroduodenoscopy+Colonoscopy (sedation included)24000
Polypectomy (>2 cm)30000
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Nurse procedures
Blood sampling (finger)350
Blood sampling (vein)500
Intramuscular/subcutaneous injection500
Glucostest (finger blood sampling)600
Intravenous injection800
Intravenous prefusion (up to 1 hour)1500
Port flushing1500
Gastric flushing2200
Clyster (including 1 hour of in-patient stay)3500
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General manipulations
Taking a smear, scraping500
Application anesthesia600
Infiltration anesthesia1200
Application anesthesia deep1800
Block anesthesia2200
Large dressing2400
Sampling of biopsy2600
Treatment in in-patient department5000
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Inpatient department
Inpatient stay within 1 hour2500
Inpatient stay within 3-6 hours7500
Inpatient stay more than 6 hours11500
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