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Endoscopy – internal organs examination with an endoscope. During endoscopic examination, the endoscope is inserted into the cavities through the natural orifices, for example, into the stomach – through the mouth and esophagus, into the bronchial tubes and lungs – through the larynx, into the bladder – through the urinary tract.
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Simple biopsy (3 pieces)4000
Complex biopsy (>3 pieces)7000
Colonoscopy (sedation included)16000
Polypectomy (polyp 0,6 - 1 cm)10000
Polypectomy (polyp 1 - 2 cm)20000
Polypectomy (>2 cm)30000
Fibrogastroduodenoscopy (sedation included)14000
Fibrogastroduodenoscopy+Colonoscopy (sedation included)24000
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