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Consultation cosmetologist, procedures

Modern cosmetology uses safe and highly effective methods for skin tightness and plasticity improvement, increasing its oxygenation and correction of vascular abnormalities, for skin rejuvenation and whitening.
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Operations and manipulations
  • Mesotherapy
  • Biorevitalization
  • Lip augmentation
  • Dermal Fillers
  • PRP
  • Treatment for hyperhidrosis
  • Botox for facial wrinkles
  • Fractional laser thermolysis
  • Trichloracetic acid peeling
  • Lactic peeling
  • Injections
Our doctor

COSMETOLOGIST consultation3500
Belotero balance18700
Belotero soft 1.017000
IAL ACP14000
IAL system 0,67000
IAL system 1,111000
Juvederm 319000
Juvederm 420000
Juvederm hydrate 1 ml15000
Juvederm smile14500
Juvederm voluma, volift21500
Radiesse 1,5 ml24600
Surgiderm 24XP17000
Surgiderm 30XP19000
Application anesthesia1000
Botulinus toxin 1 unit150
Botulinus toxin 10 units1500
Botulinus toxin 20 units3000
Botulinus toxin 5 units750
Botulinus toxin 50 units7500
Infiltration anesthesia500
Injectable correction of vascular disorders15600
Injectable skin rejuvenescence16000
Cannula technique1250
Hyperhidrosis correction 300 units31500
Hyperhidrosis correction 500 units42000
Meso-Xanthin, Meso-Wharton17400
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Fractional laser thermolysis - upper and lower eyelids11000
FLT - low neck12000
FLT - wrists9000
FLT - face without eyelids18000
FLT - face, eyelids22000
FLT - face, neck28000
FLT - face, neck, low neck36000
FLT - lower eyelids7000
FLT - 'crows feet' area5000
FLT - perioral area8000
FLT - scars 1 cm22500
FLT — area of 10x10 cm squared9000
FLT - neck12000
FLT - neck, low neck17000
FLT - cheeks12000
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Aptos Exelеnce Visage Soft 150 mm (1 piece)5000
Trichloracetic acid peeling — face5800
Trichloracetic acid peeling — face, neck6500
Trichloracetic acid peeling — face, neck, low neck8500
Big skin formation removal2000
Small skin formation removal700
Middle sized skin formation removal1500

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