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Ultrasound examination

Ultrasound examination is based on ultrasonic waves of high frequency. This method has been used for many years for diagnostics in different medical areas.
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Fetal Doppler2000
Complex Ultrasound of abdomen, kidneys and retroperitoneal space6500
Ultrasound guided punction (1 formation)3000
Ultrasound at 1st trimester of pregnancy4500
Ultrasound at 2d trimester of pregnancy5500
Ultrasound at 3d trimester of pregnancy6500
Ultrasound of lymphatic node2000
Ultrasound of mammary glands6000
Ultrasound of soft tissues2000
Ultrasound of soft tissues with elastography4000
Ultrasound of one organ3000
Ultrasound of one joint3000
Abdominal Ultrasound with functional test6500
Ultrasound of groin area (hernia check)3000
Ultrasound of the pleural cavity1500
Ultrasound of thyroid3500
Ultrasound control of fetus heart activity4000
Pelvic ultrasound4000
Breast ultrasound elastography10000
Morphological ultrasound13000
Nuchal ultrasound9500
Ultrasound for residual urine control1000
Bladder, prostate gland ultrasound3000
Scrotum ultrasound3000
Kidney ultrasound3000
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